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            Product data


            product detail:

            Recently, at the annual developers' conference held in Silicon Valley, NXP semiconductor (NXP) announced the launch of a new ultra wideband (UWB) ranging technology, which can provide wireless devices with safe ranging, precise sensing and the ability to perceive the behavior in the space environment.

            This technology is developed for multiple application markets including mobile terminal, automobile, Internet of things (IOT) and industry. Create a new space environment dimension for wireless devices. This strategic product release lays the foundation for the realization of innovative application of UWB, and relevant application cases may be launched as early as 2020.


            "Driven by the technology of NXP UWB, exciting new application cases that are impossible in the past will continue to emerge," said Kurt sievers, President of NXP. "This technology can not only realize indoor and outdoor sports and relative positioning functions, but also its reliable real-time accuracy can help us improve work efficiency, bring better interactive games, and change the AR / AI application on mobile phones. We are very pleased to share our progress in this area, which will lead us to a new era of intuitive on-demand applications. "

            About UWB Technology

            The new generation of UWB is based on the significant development of existing short-range wireless technologies, such as Wi Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. It can process environmental information (such as the location of UWB anchor, the movement of location and the distance between UWB and devices) with unprecedented centimeter level accuracy, so it can manage these devices with high granularity.

            NXP UWB helps achieve accurate positioning. Once close, doors and entrances can be opened as the UWB equipment approaches. Lights, speakers and any other networked devices using sensors can sense the movement of consumers in different rooms, and intelligent Internet technology can be more intuitive into people's lives.

            Advantages of UWB Technology:

            In the complex environment, the higher bandwidth channel of UWB can provide higher instantaneous accuracy than the existing wireless technology, and achieve several centimeter level accuracy. UWB can support delay sensitive applications, such as access control, game and AR, by efficient TOF computing. UWB further enhances the security level of car remote key. It prevents relay attacks by distinguishing between real signals and relay / spoof signals. NXP's UWB technology is based on our emerging connectivity portfolio, which also includes leading NFC technology and new solutions in 5g RF power. At the same time, the company also intends to acquire Marvell's Wi Fi and Bluetooth assets.

            NXP will provide early visiting partners with sample solutions and demonstrate the functions of UWB at NXP connections conference.

            About NXP

            NXP semiconductors is the top ten semiconductor company in the world, which was founded by Philips more than 50 years ago. It is the world's leading automotive electronics and artificial intelligence internet of things node processing chip enterprise, headquartered in the Netherlands. NXP semiconductor is a world leader in automotive electronics, general microcontrollers, safety related chips, RF power tubes and communication processors. Among them, i.mx6, i.mx7, i.mx8 series application processors are popular because of their high cost performance.